list questions before reading the material

This is sort of a DUH moment.

We always talk about WHAT WE ARE GOING to talk about

BEFORE we talk about it.


Be sure we are being most proactive in scaffolding our LAD students..

1. Write your list of questions – a printed list gives the student a concrete “menu” to refer back to during learning.

2. highlight important vocabulary in the questions -  Highlight the question words as well as words that clue the student into how they are supposed to answer the question, such as using words from the text.

3. match pictures or symbols with key vocabulary for emerging readers and ELL students. - Simple visual cues can help them access the vocabulary they need to answer the questions.


Here are so websites that offer wording for interesting questions

Science Fiction Writers’ Association questions to help authors build believable worlds                          


StoryCorp Questions for getting a good conversation going

This website offers comprehension questions for 2nd and 3rd grade literature                                             

More information about developing comprehension questions

about teaching inferential reading

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